Healing, Joy, and Success!

by Jennifer Roig-Francoli  ~ The Alexander Technique …is a way to stop and re-direct yourself for healing, joy, and success! I think we all know, deep down, that we are doing something “wrong” in our lives; something elusive which is keeping us from healing our pain (physical or otherwise), feeling joy, and being as successful as we could be. … Continue reading

The Power of AT and Recent Research

by Jennifer Roig-Francoli ~People often ask me, “What is the Alexander Technique (AT)?”  Because I’m a professional violinist as well as an Alexander Technique teacher, they usually assume that the Technique has something to do with music.  The Technique actually does have a lot to do with performance and creativity, but not any more than it has to do with anything else, because the Technique can be seamlessly applied to any activity.  The Alexander Technique can help anyone achieve greater success towards achieving whatever motivates them to take lessons–whether that goal is to improve performance, eliminate pain, relieve stress, or improve general health and well-being. … Continue reading

Pilates and The Alexander Technique: One Teacher’s Journey to Marry the Two

by Kristen Thomas Fryer ~Fourteen years ago, I was introduced to The Alexander Technique and I experienced my first pain-free night of sleep in 5 years. The Technique, developed by F. M. Alexander, was gentle and seemed effortless and yet it reduced my pain to nothing! I was so impressed with the Technique that my voice teacher said, “I was a plug that finally found a socket.” I wanted to know everything I could and decided to pursue the 1600 hour teacher training program in Cincinnati, Ohio. I had no money, no car, no job, and the course would cost $550/month for the next 3 years of my life. On paper my plan made no sense. My parents had just gone through bankruptcy and there were no loans available for an unaccredited course such as this. I took a leap of faith, moved to the city, and hoped for the best. I got a job at Clifton Natural Foods and used my bike to get around. It wasn’t ideal. … Continue reading