Two Poems Inspired by The Alexander Technique by Jennifer Roig-Francoli

stone path


In the emptiness of my perpetual extinction

I am swelling
all of my cells

With intangible clearly-directed Love
The Self one beauteous flowing

Traveling through me
back to the Source
out to Everything

I am drowning in a sea of Bliss
Ever endless without distinction


High above the world, the street below is still.
Sunlight streams through the white glass of the window,
bright and warm
light that touches on the body of the Buddha.

Calm, waiting, Peace. Blue. Trust.

High above, in good knowledgeable hands, with understanding
I am accepted–fully.
I find gentle patience and a timeless Presence.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do.
I can just be,
in this warm accepting Presence
that expands space,
and touches me with eternal hands.

I move and trust and lengthen, widen, grow…
I laugh in surprise and sudden joy!

No pressure, no desire.
Just sunny bliss
and soft deep words in Silence.

I melt, supported with sturdy strength in verticality,
quivering with delight.

The Spirit blows–Here is where it listeth.

There is only the One, this Peace that is Here, Now,
in this sunny blue warm room
above the world that passes below…

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