Daily Affirmation by Ellen Bierhorst


Expand to meet Embracing Presence; float in fluid sky.

… allow my neck to lengthen forward and up;

Allowing the nodding of  my head, and its rising.

I allow lengthening lower spine,… middle spine,… upper spine,…

And the widening of the body.

Tail extends back;

Hamstrings lengthen from hip to knee.

Enlivened legs reach up to the ears of the pelvis,

Responding torso lifts.

Tail, allowed to reach back,

So that heart releases up, over, and down, and high heart opens like a flower.


Eyebrows widen away;

Eyes enjoy the distant mountain… and open to panorama.

Ease fills my face, and all the structures of vision.


Today, whenever there is discomfort, let me remember to notice,

So that I may stand aside from my harsh pursuit of power, efficacy, “results”

And choose instead the consolation of loving surrender into non-doing.


My Only purpose: to sing this preference for Love.

So I cast my music over the Emptiness ~

Let there be Beautiful!

Only this.

And so light heart; spirit gay.

Hand on the tiller I sail this day with You, Enormous Silence.


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