Wholeness by Katie Scott, Denison University student

Apple image

An apple, the skin continuously
working as a barrier
of protection

A whole cake
A child, a dog, a joyful yell
a cry that collapses you

Knowing what your right hand is doing
Knowing why your right hand is doing it and
why your left hand isn’t.
Being okay with that. No,
being aware of that.

Dancing. Running.
and feeling how strong your legs are.

Throwing your body into your
of emotion
Anger and Joy
Laughter and Fear

When I play music
when I go for a walk
when I read outside
when I dance
when I run
when I act

is a moment I would never trade for the world

I feel disconnected when I worry
When I am rushing to get somewhere
When I want out of a conversation
When I want to be anywhere else
When I need out of a conversation
When I can’t help anyone
When I have to take care of myself
When I can’t.


anything else . . . than what I have.

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