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The Alexander Technique in Schools? — 3 Comments

  1. Hi,
    iam not well at english.
    But how the words are misleading our flowing imagination.

    For example posture word itself meaning ‘holding’ .

    When we study a notes about posture, majority of people caught and remember the static things,even though that notes has dynamic movements and free flowing movements of the muscles.
    Fm told,
    ‘majority of people are not really reading,what actually written in that educational notes’ .

    They wont reason their imagination scientifically.
    Trial and error is their end with end gain.

    Alexander story , body mapping is the solution for all these problems i think.

  2. Hi,
    here is another misleading phrase is,
    If we follow this phrase the whole life going to be misdirected.

    One of the best teacher EILEEN TROBERMAN showed how to sit on the sit bones and front of the thighs.
    She given name as,
    ‘ 4 pointed seating’ .

    The weight drops on sit bones as well as, a little bit on the front of the thighs.

    Iam very lucky i got some of her videos. You can watch them in ‘you tube’ videos.

    These are the words fm expected.

  3. I wonder if the teachers and coaches need a lesson before they will allow us to teach the children?

    Good summary of your experience. Let me know if you need another teacher for young students!