Alexander Technique Alerts

by David Nesmith

~ We all know how to search the web with a variety of search engines.  Did you know that you can set up an automatic daily search for any term or expression?  Many months ago I did just that with the phrase, “Alexander Technique.”  By using Google Alerts, I receive an email once each day listing anything new or updated on the web and in the news about The Alexander Technique.  I am continually amazed and impressed with how awareness of The Alexander Technique is growing throughout the world.  Here are just a few of my favorite “finds” via my Google Alert.

Just yesterday the alert provided a link to Robert Rickover’s Body Learning Podcast iTunes page. I’ve known of these podcasts before having been a guest on one, but now I know the entire catalogue has made it to iTunes. Here’s the link:

Rick Brennan, an Alexander teacher in Ireland, hit the news recently in this article about his efforts to improve the chairs in schools:

Here’s a feature I ran across from an alert back in 2011. An Alexander teacher in England who markets The Technique to women who walk in heels. There’s nothing stale or stuffy about her approach! Check out this video:
Chyna Whyne – Walking in Heels

Here’s how to set up your Google Alert for The Alexander Technique:

  1. Search “Google alerts” or just go to
  2. On the resulting page, enter your search term or phrase
  3. Choose criteria for how often you’d like to receive info, etc.
  4. You will need a Google account, so create one or log in

You have total control and can manage your alerts at any time by following the “Manage Alerts” link on the page.  And that’s it!  Enjoy finding out about exactly what interests you!


Alexander Technique Alerts — 2 Comments

  1. So, this morning in my inbox was yesterday evening’s Google Alert email for “Alexander Technique.” And what do I see? But a link to this post about how to set up Google Alerts that I posted yesterday morning!

  2. In todays Alexander Technique Alert an item came through about a contest to come up with a logo for Alexander Technique Minneapolis. There are 24 entries so far. The context holder is accepting entries for another 4 days. Hmm, this an interesting approach to a challenging question—. Alexander Technique Minneapolis needs a new logo