Spinal Awareness? by Ellen Bierhorst

I love studying the Alexander Technique with Yehuda Kuperman, whether in Israel (He is now back in his Jerusalem penthouse apartment), In Cincinnati, or at an ACGM — or at the 10th International Congress in Limerick, Ireland August 2015 — And Yehuda is always talking about the teacher’s ‘connection’ to the sky, to the forces of Nature all around, the invisible cords connecting him/her to the heavens and to the pupil.  When I think of this, and reach out my awareness it can feel sometimes like my spine is a sensory organ, picking up the connectedness, perhaps also beaming out the connectedness.  And when I spend a few moments in the morning thinking about this and feeling for it in my awareness, I always have, curiously, a much better day, graced with inner happiness.  … Continue reading

Malibu Alexander Technique Retreat 2012


by Ellen Bierhorst ~ Can I really communicate the significance? Halfway through my fourth year as an Alexander Technique teacher, my fortieth year as a psychologist, I took a wild, extravagant notion to attend the Alexander Technique Workshops International six-day workshop in Malibu with Michael Frederick, Giora Pinkas, Lynn Charleson Klein, Frances Marsden, Carol Prentis, and special guest Rome Roberts Earle.  I’d never given myself such a lavish treat.  I had no idea what I’d be getting into; had some vague ideas of a kind of six-day AGM.  Not at all! I had no understanding of what it could do for me to be with twenty-five-plus other teachers and students in an intimate retreat setting with six master teachers.  It was a more concentrated infusion of Inhibition and Direction than even my training course experience.  The setting was a quiet and exceedingly beautiful sanctuary, the Serra (Franciscan) Retreat Center overlooking the blue Pacific.  Comfortable bedrooms, good food; congenial, supportive Alexander people all around.  The spirit of the group was what … Continue reading