Alexander Technique Alerts

by David Nesmith ~ We all know how to search the web with a variety of search engines.  Did you know that you can set up an automatic daily search for any term or expression?  Many months ago I did just that with the phrase, “Alexander Technique.”  By using Google Alerts, I receive an email once each day listing anything new or updated on the web and in the news about The Alexander Technique.  I am continually amazed and impressed with how awareness of The Alexander Technique is growing throughout the world.  Here are just a few of my favorite “finds” via my Google Alert. … Continue reading

Healing, Joy, and Success!

by Jennifer Roig-Francoli  ~ The Alexander Technique …is a way to stop and re-direct yourself for healing, joy, and success! I think we all know, deep down, that we are doing something “wrong” in our lives; something elusive which is keeping us from healing our pain (physical or otherwise), feeling joy, and being as successful as we could be. … Continue reading

The Power of AT and Recent Research

by Jennifer Roig-Francoli ~People often ask me, “What is the Alexander Technique (AT)?”  Because I’m a professional violinist as well as an Alexander Technique teacher, they usually assume that the Technique has something to do with music.  The Technique actually does have a lot to do with performance and creativity, but not any more than it has to do with anything else, because the Technique can be seamlessly applied to any activity.  The Alexander Technique can help anyone achieve greater success towards achieving whatever motivates them to take lessons–whether that goal is to improve performance, eliminate pain, relieve stress, or improve general health and well-being. … Continue reading