Keep the Change, A Reflection by Corrie Danieley

Corrie Danieley

As I reflect over 2013, I am extremely thankful I had the principles of The Alexander Technique to help me transition through change.  I experienced many changes this year: moving from South Carolina to Northern Kentucky, starting a new job, making new friends, and the unexpected loss of my Dad.

It can be quite scary to leave a place of familiarity, be it physical or emotional, and step out into the next phase. One of the foundational Alexander Technique lessons I was so often reminded of throughout 2013 was that I always had a choice in how I responded to my surroundings and my situation.  During the process of all of these changes in my life, I often found myself short of breath, tightening my jaw, and pulling down into my center.  Each time I became aware of what was happening, I was relieved to remember I didn’t have to stay in that place or if I really wanted to I could stay there for a bit longer.  I had options.  Simply having the choice was incredibly empowering and brought a sense of peace.

This experience also informed my teaching this year.  I was a little more patient.  I was a little more empathetic.  I was a little more present.  As I move into the future, I want to hold on to this memorable experience and at the same time I also understand that this will be a lesson I’m sure I will relearn and revisit from time to time.

All in all, I had a great year of growth, courage, expansion, and breath.  I’m happy to be a new member of the ATGO community and I look forward to meeting more of my Alexander friends in the near future.

Along with being a Teaching Member of Alexander Technique International, Corrie Danieley also teaches Acting, Voice, and Movement in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Northern Kentucky University.

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