A Brief Look at the Columbus Workshop – This December 27 – 31, 2014

Each December there is a wonderful Alexander Technique workshop offered on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus. A few years ago I was able to attend the Freedom and Ease of Movement workshop and found it to be a wonderful way to exhale the old year and look forward to all the possibilities of the year ahead.  … Continue reading

The Power of AT and Recent Research

by Jennifer Roig-Francoli ~People often ask me, “What is the Alexander Technique (AT)?”  Because I’m a professional violinist as well as an Alexander Technique teacher, they usually assume that the Technique has something to do with music.  The Technique actually does have a lot to do with performance and creativity, but not any more than it has to do with anything else, because the Technique can be seamlessly applied to any activity.  The Alexander Technique can help anyone achieve greater success towards achieving whatever motivates them to take lessons–whether that goal is to improve performance, eliminate pain, relieve stress, or improve general health and well-being. … Continue reading