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Hello! I’m a nationally-certified Alexander Technique teacher in Kent, Ohio whose students have ranged from ages 7 to 96 and have come from various professions and life experiences.A 2006 graduate of The Dimon Institute, I trained to become an Alexander Technique teacher under Ted Dimon, Beret Arcaya, John Nichols, and Nanette Walsh.
I’ve been studying the work since 1994 when it was included as part of the Acting curriculum at Trinity Repertory Company Conservatory. I come to the Technique out of a professional Dance and Theatre background as well as from a need to understand and solve my chronic back pain (success!).

Because of my performing arts experience, I have a deep personal understanding of how working through the lens of the physical with Alexander can impact emotional presence and availability, as well as musicality and range. I served as lead Alexander teacher at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for 5 years and enjoy working as an adjunct in conservatory and corporate wellness programs.

I’m currently a graduate fellow at Kent State University’s MFA in Acting (for the Returning Professional). I’ve completed advanced, post-graduate training in teaching Alexander Technique online with Penelope Easten as well as post-graduate training in working with those on the hypermobile/ Ehlers Danlos Syndrome spectrum at Balance Arts Center. Because of the increase in people seeking me out for issues related to speaking and healthy, optimal voice production,  I’m on the certification track to become a Lessac Kinesensics BodyVoice trainer.

I belong to a dog named “Sanford” and own a skeleton named “Dead Earnest.” Both dislike baths. I enjoy strong coffee, bad puns, & good satire. I have an associative mind and find the most ease when I can spend time every day walking someplace green.

Happy to be a resource for you – you’re welcome to explore my AT Library (peer-reviewed Science!) and my Blog (my 2 cents). If you’d like to connect with me directly, feel free to email, text, or call!