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Born 1940 in Cincinnati, I’ve been interested in healing, wellness, and positive mental health all my life.  I’ve had a long and fascinating career in psychology doing holistic psychotherapy here at the Lloyd House since the early 1970’s, but was additionally captivated by The Alexander Technique in 2001.  In 2009 I certified (M.AmSAT) as a teacher and opened my practice.  Understandably, I have a special interest in the geriatric application of the Technique, and have many elderly students.  I am also interested in the mental health tie-in. As an older teacher myself, I am fascinated with issues of aging well… as well as other human problems. Over 40 years experience as a holistic psychologist give me a wide perspective on the Alexander work. Have studied intensively with Yehuda Kuperman, Tommy Thompson, Michael Frederick, and now Peter Nobes. Have published research on the psychological impact of A.T. in the Proceedings of the 11th International Congress of the Alexander Technique. Memberships: Alexander Technique of Cincinnati, AmSAT, and ATI.

I have a very attractive package deal for students new to the Technique:  first lesson FREE, etc. etc.  I hope you will call.