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Corrie was first introduced to the Alexander Technique while studying Acting at The National Theatre Institute. Guided by expert teachers and also through self exploration, Corrie experienced reduction in stress, a better connection to her breath, and performing on stage felt easier – physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

After becoming a Professor of Acting, Corrie was eager to learn how to teach the Alexander Technique. She studied with the Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies in Greensboro, NC with Robin Gilmore, Director. She graduated in May 2012 and also became a Certified Teacher through Alexander Technique International in the summer of 2012.

In July 2013, Corrie moved to the Northern Kentucky area to teach Acting, Voice, and Movement in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Northern Kentucky University. Corrie teaches the Alexander Technique privately, in her acting classes on campus, and in workshops for specific groups.

  • If you suffer from back, neck, or head aches
  • If you feel stiff or sore from sitting for long periods of time
  • If you feel pain from repetitive strain injury
  • Or if you would like to discover how to breathe, move, and speak with greater ease and freedom – The Alexander Technique might be a great fit for you!

In addition to her love for the theatre, Corrie is an avid knitter and runner. Contact Corrie to see how you can apply the Alexander Technique to your hobby and everyday life!