Having personally benefited from The Alexander Technique as a means to solve chronic back pain, I was able to fulfill a long-held ambition to train as a teacher when I moved to Cincinnati in 2005.  I have been teaching since my certification in 2008 and find it to be deeply gratifying.  My students find lessons to be beneficial in addressing a variety of issues:

      • Reducing and alleviating work or performance related achiness, including back, neck, shoulder and wrist pain.
      • Adapting to physical changes during pregnancy, post-surgery or aging.
      • Reducing and preventing athletic injury and soreness including hip, knee and ankle issues.
      • Managing daily challenges that often cause stress or fatigue.
      • Increasing energy, alertness, and equanimity.

I continue to pursue my professional development by participating in workshops with veteran teachers and weekly practices with colleagues. I am a member of the American Society for The Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and have served on the AmSAT Journal editorial team. I also enjoy reading and writing about the technique, you may read some of my reviews to select Alexander Technique books on my goodreads page.