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Getting Up On The Right Side Of The Bed

November 2, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
University of Cincinnati
Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Registrar at UC'x Communiversity

Getting Up On The Right Side Of The Bed (Communiversity – Fitness & Health) #72420183

If you are planning on using the extra hour gained by resetting Daylight Saving Time to catch up on your sleep, why not make the most of it by learning to get a better night’s sleep. Even the best sleep-hygiene habits can leave us stiff, sore, creaky or cranky upon waking – if we neglect to attend to our posture while sleeping. You may be already aware that the position you sleep in is part of the problem but don’t know which position would be better or how to change habits that rule us when we are, by definition unconscious.

In this Alexander Technique based workshop you will learn which sleep positions are best for you and how to influence your sleeping positions with:

Gentle postural activities to add to your bed-time routines that are as easy as brushing your teeth (in fact, you can do some while you are brushing your teeth…).
Consciously controlled breaths to affect posture (and may also work as a natural tranquilizer).An effective 10-15 minute ‘active rest’ position to practice during the day that will improve your posture during both waking and sleeping hours. (It’s as good as, if not better than, a nap!)

Plus, we’ll provide tips for supporting your body while reading in bed and even tell a bedtime story. (Spoiler alert – it’s about the man who invented the Alexander Technique.)

*Alexander Technique restores the natural poise and coordination that enable easy, lively movement by learning to engage our innate, postural support. It is an educational process suitable for people from all walks of life with applications to both every-day and specialized activities.

Claire Rechnitzer is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher working in private practice and various venues in the great Cincinnati area. For further information about Claire and the Technique, visit www.alexandertechniquecincinnati.com

Course Details

Term Autumn 2019
Saturday, November 02, 2019
From 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
1 session
Cost $35.00

Instructor Claire Rechnitzer
Facility UC Victory Parkway Campus, Administration Bldg
Address 2220 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
Room / Location Room 204

Additional Info

Bring a mat, a blanket and a few pillows, and reading glasses if you use them. PJs optional.
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