New Class: Om’ Style Pilates at Elemental Om by Kristen Fryer

Over the past couple of years I have wanted to combine the fundamentals of Pilates and The Alexander Technique into a movement class. What I have come to realize as a teacher is that I can never copy someone else’s teaching style without leaving some of my own knowledge out. As much as I like a pure Pilates class or a straight Alexander lesson, I feel incomplete as a teacher without combining the two. These two modalities are so much a part of me that to separate them feels inauthentic. The new class “Om’ Style Pilates” brings The Alexander Technique and Pilates to life in a yoga environment.

So, what can you gain from this class? Judging from the feedback I’ve received, a lot. Firstly, we incorporate fundamental Alexander principles that I have only seen taught by Alexander teachers. Mainly, how to stop doing movements that are undesirable. Becoming aware of how you over use your muscles before engaging them in a workout. This is a unique approach that is completely supported by neuroscience. It turns out that 80% of the neurons in the cerebellum are designed to inhibit movement and 20% are for actual movement. This class helps you explore the specifics of undesirable movement and cues you to think about them before you move. Secondly, the Pilates aspect teaches you how to engage your muscles while supporting your neck and back and using your core muscles. It teaches you how to engage certain muscle groups while releasing others. It will also explain how to do proper spinal mechanics while doing core exercises designed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone your whole body. Lastly, we will put it all together in functional movement topics. For example, learn how your breath affects your gait. Or, how your chest muscles affect how you drive a car.

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This class is on-going 4:30 Tuesdays at Elemental Om Symmes Township, Cincinnati. To register go to:

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